About L.C. Premium Cables

L.C. Premium Cables, is one of the first companies in India which manufactures a large and wide range of quality cables. The very name L.C. Premium Cables is by itself an assurance and guarantee of total safety against electric shocks, short - circuits and fires.

Each cables is manufactured from high quality electrolytic grade bright annealed copper and is insulated with a super grade F.R, F.R.L.S or L.S.Z.H PVC compound with skin coloration (inner side white and outer side skin colour) that helps in saving considerable energy. It is ideal for conduit wiring. The entire length of wire undergoes high - voltage spark testing to ensure complete safety so that there are no weak spots in the insulation.

So when you look for the genuine L.C. Premium Cables, do check up and read the company's name and the size printed on every metre of wire both in English and Hindi. Make sure you get the most reliable electrical wires and also L.C. Premium Guarantee of quality

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