LT XLPE / PVC Power and Control Cables

L.C. Premium cables manufactures both aluminium and copper conductor LT XLPE power / control, armoured / unarmoured cables and PVC Power / control, armoured / unarmored cables all under one roof using state of art machinery and confirming to approved standards. These cables are used for controlling purposes, under ground as well as for over head transmission of power in power plants, industries, other projects and mostly for all of other electrical installations. For armouring round steel / Flat galvanised steel strip can be used, also all L.C.Premium cables are double outer sheathed for durability and longer life.

LT Multistrand Copper Power and Control Cables

Since L.C. Premium cable is the only customisable cable manufacturing plant in India. We provide multi strand copper Power and Control armoured cables against order so the connection never gets loose and insertion and tightening in slots is smooth and easy.

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