Coaxial Cables

L.C. Premium Cables manufacture best quality Coaxial Cables that are known for good signal and great life. These flame resistant cables are available in different types such as RG-59, RG-6, RG-8, RG-11, RG-218, RG-58, RG-62 etc. Upon requirement we can also provide additional armour jacket and extra outer sheath on these cables.

Coaxial cable consists of two conductors separated by a dielectric material. The centre conductor and the outer conductor or shield is configured in such a way that they form concentric cylinders with a common axis, hence the term and name Co-axial cable.

We are dealers of CommScope coaxial cables as well.

LAN Cables

We deal in following brands

  • CAT 6 and CAT 5 Cables Dlink
  • Commscope
  • AMP
Screened, & Shielded Cables

L.C. Premium Cables is a prominent manufacturers, of Screened Shielded Instrumentation Cable. These cables are manufactured from top quality galvanized steel screening, which we source from the reliable vendors. Made using most sophisticated technology, offered cables are known for their precise dimensions, high strength, easy installation and less maintenance. Further, we offer these cables at an economical price. Screened Shielded Instrumentation Cables specially find their application in defense, telecommunication, and electronic industries. We have expertise in manufacturing high quality Screened Shielded Instrumentation cables as well.

Speaker Cables

L.C. Premium Cables offers speaker cables for a wide range of applications, including plenum, indoor/outdoor, halogen-free, direct burial, Class 1, and commercial and professional installations. All cables feature Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) virgin copper construction. Additionally, our speaker cable line includes Direct Burial speaker cable with ultra-high purity (99.995% pure), sometimes described as “oxygen-free (OFC)” copper.

CCTV Cables

L.C.Premium Cables manufacture various and wide range of CCTV cables to be spread over long distance. CCTV cameras are most essential for any security plan, be it residence or commercial establishment, remote monitoring and visibility plays a crucial role in providing safety and their presence is increasing rapidly. The sensitive nature of CCTV use means that the cables and wires used have to be of the highest quality and reliability. L.C.Premium Cables, is most trusted brand, upon which you can safely

CCTV Cable

S. No. Item Name ATC Cond. Size in mm Area (Sqmm) O.D (mm) Cr. At 200C ^/Km
1 14/40 (2+1) 0.12 0.1582 5.4 122.6
2 14/40 (3+1) 0.12 0.1582 5.7 122.6
3 14/40 (4+1) 0.12 0.1582 5.9 122.6
4 14/40 (6+1) 0.12 0.1582 6.8 122.6

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