Flame Retard Copper Flexible Wire

We are specialist in providing High Performance cable suitable for High-end clientele. L.C. Premium cables is manufactured under strict parameters with regular testing to provide safety from electric shocks, overload and fluctuations. We only use purest form of copper. Extra thick specially formulated insulation, with a high oxygen and temperature index for our Flame retard wires provides best safety against changes in weather and ageing. Over the years we have continually improved raw material used for manufacturing wires and cables, quality has been utmost important to us from the start and some of our projects which are almost 30 year old and are still running our supplied cables without any degradation or current loss are evidence to this and such projects speak volumes about us as a brand.

Conductor: The conductors, drawn from bright electrolytic grade copper are annealed and bunched together.

Insulation: The bunched conductors are insulated with specially formulated FR PVC compound with a high insulation resistance value. The insulation process is carried out on modern high speed extrusion lines, which ensures high accuracy and consistency in performance. Flame retardant properties enable the cable to withstand overloads. The insulation is resistant to boiling water, steam and vapours. This prevents ageing and cracking in kitchens, bathrooms, damp walls and chemical industries.


Quality Especially Made for High-End Residential and Commercial Projects

L.C. Premium HR P.V.C. Insulated Domestic/ Industrial Twisted Unsheathed Single Core Wire Copper Conductor Flexible

Nominal area of
Conductor Sq.mm.
Number/Nom Dia.
Of Wire mm.
Amps. Resistance (Max.)
per Km.@20 C Ohms
0.50 - 4 -
0.75 - 7 -
1.0 14/.30 12 18.1
1.5 22/.30 15 12.1
2.5 36/.30 20 7.4
4.0 56/.30 26 4.9
6.0 85/.30 35 3.3
10.0 141/.30 49 1.9
16.0 101/.45 66 -

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