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Fire Retard Low Smoke Copper Flexible Wire (F.R.L.S)

L.C. Premium Cables for the first time brought FRLS - Flame Retardant Low Smoke electrical wires in India. L.C.Premium, FRLS is manufactured by using electrolytic grade copper to ensure superior conductivity. Insulated with extra thick FRLS Insulating compound, L.C.Premium FRLS has special flame retardant and low smoke emitting properties.

L.C. Premium Cables is the only Company in India providing insulated electrical wires that offer FRLS properties maintaining all electrical properties in an insulated wire. During a fire, ordinary PVC insulated wires give out thick, black smoke and toxic fumes of hydrochloric acid gas. This impairs visibility and hampers rescue operations. L.C.Premium FRLS on the contrary, emits very little smoke, toxic gases and also retards the spread of gas. It is thus ideal for concealed and conduit wiring in multi-storeyed buildings such as hotels, banks, hospitals, commercial & residential complexes, etc.

Conductor: The condtictors, drawn from bright electrolytic grade copper, are annealed and bunched together.

Insulation: Bunched conductors are insulated with specially formulate" Flame Retardant Low Smoke Compound. During a fire situation, the FRLS compound restricts the spread offlame. The smoke emission is also minimal.


L.C.Premium FRLS goes through rigorious tests to ensure the highest standards of quality. It is also backed by the ISI mark approval.

Test Function Specification Typical Values FRLS Typical Values Ordinary PVC Insulated Cables.
Critical oxygen index To determine percentage of oxygen required for supporting combustion of insulating material at room temperature. ASTM-D 2863 More than 29% 23%
Temperature index To determine at what temperature normal oxygen content of 21 % in air will support combustion of insulating material. ASTM-D 2863 &
BICC Handbook Chp. No. 6
More than 250 ° c. 150 ° C
Smoke density (Light Transmission) To determine the visibility (light transmission) under fire of insulation material. ASTM-D 2843 More than 40% 10-15%
Acid gas generation To ascertain the amount of Hydrochloric acid gas evolved from insulation of cable under fire IEC 754-1 Less than 2 % 45-50%
Other tests carried out are Flammability test as per IEEE-383 and IEC 332-1 and IS 694:1990.


Quality Especially Made for High-End Residential and Commercial Projects

L.C. Premium HR P.V.C. Insulated Domestic/ Industrial Twisted Unsheathed Single Core Wire Copper Conductor Flexible

Nominal area of
Number/Nom Dia.
Of Wire mm.
Amps. Resistance (Max.)
per Km.@20 C Ohms
0.50 - 4 -
0.75 - 7 -
1.0 14/.30 12 18.1
1.5 22/.30 15 12.1
2.5 36/.30 20 7.4
4.0 56/.30 26 4.9
6.0 85/.30 35 3.3
10.0 141/.30 49 1.9
16.0 101/.45 66 -


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