LSZH - Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables
L.C. Premium Cables
Now, for the first time in India, L.C. Premium Cables 
brings FRLS - Flame Retardant Low Smoke 
electrical wires. L.C.Premium, FRLS is manufacture
by using electrolytic grade copper to ensure superior 
Insulated with a FRLS PVC compound, L.C.Premium 
FRLS has special flame retardant and low smoke emitting 
L.C. is the only Company in India providing insulated 
electrical wires that offer FRLS properties maintaining
all electrical properties in an insulated wire.During a 
fire, ordinary PVC insulated wires give out thick, black
smoke and toxic fumes of hydrochloric acid gas. This 
impairs visibility and hampers rescue operations.
L.C.Premium FRLS  on the contrary, emits very little 
smoke, toxic gases and also retards the spread of 
gas. It is thus ideal for concealed and conduit wiring 
in multi-storeyed buildings such as hotels, banks, 
hospitals, commercial & residential complexes, etc.

F.R.L.S. House Wiring Cables
L.C. Premium Cables, is one of the few companies in India manufacturing a large and wide range of quality cables.
The very name L.C. Premium Cables is by itself an assurance and guarantee of total safety against electric shocks, short - circuits and fires.
Each cables is manufactured from high quality electrolytic grade bright annealed copper and is insulated with a super grade 
F.R.L.S. PVC compound with skin coloration 
(inner side white and outer side skin colour)
that helps in saving considerable energy. It is ideal for conduit wiring. The entire length of wire undergoes high - voltage spark testing to ensure complete safety so that there are no weak spots in the insulation.
So when you look for the genuine L.C. Premium Cables, do check up and read the company's name and the size printed on every metre of wire both in English and Hindi.
Make sure you get the most reliable electrical wires and also L.C. Premium Guarantee of quality

Manufactured with 
technical know how from 
Manufactured as per 
IS: 694 & British Standard 2004

LSZH - Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables

Beware of Duplicate Cables using similar names
quality especially made for high-end residential and commercial projects
Extra safety : F.R.L.S. cables with Fire Retardant Low Smoke features, from 
L.C.Premium are manufactured with specially formulated compounds, which retard the 
spread of Fire. Available at no extra cost and uniformly laid, bright 
annealed copper conductor.

Double Protection : Double insulation, primary thick layer of natural virgin extra strong PVC, 
for improved insulation - brimmed by distinct secondary colour layer of thin FRLS PVC skin.

Perfect Centre : Intelligent automatic self centering  machines to provide the perfect
centre of conductor, reducing short circuits.

Perfect wire Dia : Microprocessor controlled laser beam systems on production line, 
maintaining uniform diameter throughout the cable length

Traditional Bunch Conductor
Unilay Conductor
L.C.Premium F.R.L.S. Wires
L.C. Premium Cables
L.C. Premium Cables
    Unilay Strands do not break while stripping the insulation
    Provides a perfect spark free contact at socket pins
    Saves up to 40% time and corresponding labour costs too
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 Teflon Cables
We are engaged in supplying a wide range of Teflon cables which are known for its excellent heat resistance for which it has gained huge appreciation in the market. In addition, these cables are fabricated using wrapping tape over nickel/silver conductor and then sintered in oven that provides high uniformity and circularity to them as compared to the extruded cables. Moreover, these Teflon cables have excellent insulating properties and can be availed at market leading prices.
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