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Multi-Core Round Cables

We manufacture PVC Insulated Sheathed Round Industrial HV Copper Conductor Cable 1100 V. Grade Wires Confirming to IS : 694/1990. It has various applications. These cables are used for transmission of power to the control panels, controlling machines, and mostly any electrical purpose which requires multicore round cable in industries, projects and all the electrical installations. Types of insulation include PVC, HR PVC. L.C. Premium Cables round Cable are extra flexible and strong thanks to the state of art manufacturing process used in manufacturing these cables.

The inner & outer sheaths can be PVC, HR PVC, FRLS, HR-FRLS or FR depending upon the application and requirement of client. The conductor is solid/stranded and is manufactured from bright-annealed 99.97% pure bare copper which offers low conductor resistance. L.C.Premium Cables do all sorts of customisation as per the approved standards.

Three-Core Flat Submersible Cables

We manufacture PVC Insulated Flat 3 Core Flexible Industrial HV Copper Conductor Cable 1100 V. Grade Wires Confirming to IS : 694/1990. These flat cables are used for giving electrical connection to the submersible pump motors. These are manufactured keeping in mind the severe, tough and difficult conditions in which they have to operate. Both inner and outer core of this cable is manufactured using special strong PVC compound which repeals oils, greases, various chemicals and abrasions, thereby giving long life and electrical safety.

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LT XLPE / PVC Armoured Power / Control Cables

L.C. Premium cables manufactures both aluminium and copper conductor LT XLPE power / control, armoured / unarmoured cables and PVC Power / control, armoured / unarmored cables all under one roof using state of art machinery and confirming to approved standards. These cables are used for controlling purposes, under ground as well as for over head transmission of power in power plants, industries, other projects and mostly for all of other electrical installations. For armouring round steel / Flat galvanised steel strip can be used, also all L.C.Premium cables are double outer sheathed for durability and longer life.

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