Elastomer Rubber Cables

The Elastomer cables are popularly known as Rubber cables and probably the first type insulation in the world. Originally it was with natural rubber for both insulation & Sheath, however, in late 70s, it has been replaced by synthetic rubber for insulation & sheath.

Commonly used insulation materials are EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber), PCP (Polyclorophospat ), CSP (Cross section polyethylene), Silicon Rubber, etc. and newer grades of zero halogen & low smoke.

Generally Elastomer cables are suitable for operation at a temp upto 90 deg. C and silicon rubber cables are suitable for operation upto 150/180 deg. C.

Elastomer cables are preferred for flexible application and in congested locations where the bending radii are very small. Elastomer cables are available from low voltage upto 33 kV grade.

Elastomer cables are also available with rigid copper conductors and having properties like Fire Survival, Zero Halogen and Low toxicity FS properties. Rubber Cables are predominantly used in special applications like, mining, ship wiring, transportation sector and Defense applications & earth moving machines.

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