Teflon PTFE Cable

We are manufacturing PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) Insulated wires and cables by PTFE Tape wrapping Insulation. PTFE Tape wrapping Insulation process provides perfect concentricity of conductors in PTFE Insulated wires and cables. PTFE Insulation with PTFE Tape wrapping process is done by wrapping of multilayer of thin and soft PTFE Tape over suitable or desirable conductors.

PTFE is a Fluoroplastic Polymer which gives excellent insulation properties even under very low temperature, high temperature and hazards conditions due to its inertness to almost all chemicals and acids.

PTFE Wires and Cables are made using the best quality material to ensure higher flexibility and long durability. The PTFE Insulated Wires and Cables can endure a large range of temperature starting from (-) 60º C to (+)260 ºC. These are not inflammable and totally safe to be used. These are made weatherproof using a special technology. Moreover, these save a lot space and very much comfortable to use. Consequently, we have enlisted ourselves among the well-known PTFE Insulated Cables Manufacturer based in India.

Few properties are as under

  • Non-Flamability
    The Insulation is fire (Flame) proof i.e. non-flamable.
  • Flexibility
    PTFE wires are manufactured with best available stranded copper wires, giving better flexibility for comfortable use in the wiring. Working Temp. It's working Temperature range is (-) 60° C to (+) 260° C.
  • RoHS Compliance
    PTFE Insulated wires and cables are RoHS compliance and Halogen free
  • Weather Resistance
    The insulation have not shown any notable changes in it's electrical, mechanical or chemical properties even after out door exposure for over 20 years. It is also unaffected by exposure to ultraviolet rays.
  • Chemical Resistance
    Insulation is inert to virtually all known Acids, chemicals and solids
  • Electrical Stability
    Insulation electrical properties do not change even after long-term heat aging. Insulation has low dielectric constant and dissipation factor, it's high dielectric strength and insulation resistance shows minimum changes over wide temperature, frequency and voltage fluctuations.
  • Space Saving
    P.T.F.E. wires is of less O.D. for the same current carrying capacity of PVC Insulated wires, thus saves space to facilitate more no. of insulated wires in the same conduit. It's smooth surface also facilitates easy conduit pull.

We defined few properties as above, but PTFE Insulated wires have more unique properties such as antistic, non-contaminating, non-toxic, resistant to fungus, non-wet, resistant to impact, tearing, abrasion, cut-through and cold-flow etc.

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